JEM 1400 Flash Electron Microscope

The JEM-1400Flash Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is used in a wide range of fields, such as biology, nanotechnology, polymer, and advanced materials. In the observation of biological specimens including macro-molecular materials, medicines, pathological sections and viruses, usually the entire view of tissues, structures, target locations and observation area are first confirmed at low magnification, and then fine structures of interest are carefully studied at high magnification.

יצרן: JEOL



Recent demands for easier observation steps to acquire higher-throughput image data are increasing. To meet those needs, a new 120 kV transmission electron microscope “JEM-1400Flash” is equipped with a high-sensitivity sCMOS camera, an ultra-wide area montage system, and an OM (optical microscope) image linkage function.

High-sensitivity sCMOS camera, "Matataki Flash" camera:

"Matataki Flash", JEOL’s innovative high-sensitivity sCMOS camera, dramatically reduces the readout noise while possessing high frame rate. This powerful feature enables high-throughput acquisition of sharp TEM images with extremely low-noise.

New function: Ultra-wide area montage system, Limitless Panorama (LLP):

In addition to the conventional electromagnetic image shift, the JEM-1400Flash comes with a montage system capable of utilizing stage drive for the field shift. This new system allows for simple capture of a montage panorama image over a limitless wide area. Thus, an ultra-wide area, high pixel-resolution image is obtainable, which is comparable to the image taken by conventional photo film.
The combined use with "Matataki Flash" sCMOS camera enables automatic acquisition of "Limitless Panorama" pictures with no limitation of the number of pixels.

New function: OM image linkage function, Picture Overlay:

A digital image acquired with an OM can be overlaid on a TEM image. Since an observation area can be searched on the overlaid image, high resolution observation of a fluorescence site is easily made on the TEM image.

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