Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) : JCM-7000 NeoScope

The JCM-7000 Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope is designed based on a key concept of "Easy-to-use SEM with seamless navigation and live analysis". The JCM-7000 incorporates three innovative functions; "Zeromag" for smooth transition from optical to SEM imaging, "Live Analysis" for finding constituent elements for an image observation area, and "Live 3D" for displaying a reconstructed live 3D image during SEM observation.

When you place the JCM-7000 next to an optical microscope, further-faster and more-detailed foreign material analysis and quality control can be made.

יצרן: JEOL


Zoom the optical image to automatically switch to a SEM image!
Low-Vacuum mode:
Viewing is simple with no pre-treatment needed for easily-charged samples.
Live Analysis:
eliminates the need to consider SEM observation and EDS analysis as separate operations. When Live Map is selected, you can confirm the distribution of elements in the observed area in real-time.
Live 3D:
The new high-sensitivity 4-segmented backscattered electron detector enables 2-pane viewing of a SEM image and a 3D image using Live 3D function. In addition to instantaneous shape determination for samples with complex topographies, depth information can also be acquired.

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