About Bargal

BARGAL ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS leads the research and quality control laboratory market in Israel.

We at BARGAL provide a full spectrum of application support from basic training to developing new analytical methods.

Our products are present in all of Israel’s universities, pharma, cannabis and food companies, as well as Polymers, homeland security, environmental control, chemical industry, cosmetics, health research, biotech and renewable energy companies.

We are constantly looking for great manufacturers to represent. 

You can contact us at info@bargal.co.il

We represent the largest and finest manufacturers in the world such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, TA Instruments, Teledyne and many more.

BARGAL ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS was founded more than 30 years ago by Dr. Arie Gillon and today is headed by the second generation, Elad Gillon.

BARGAL ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS specializes in chemistry, life science and material engineering equipment for laboratories. We provide high-end sophisticated products as well as simple bench top equipment and consumables.

Elad Gillon

CEO & Sale Manager

Avner Golan

Service Manager
תומר כהן

Tomer Cohen

Application Support Manager

Chen Gillon

Marketing Manager

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