picoSpin™ 80 Series II NMR Spectrometer

The picoSpin 80 Series II NMR spectrometer offers simplified workflows, a modern interface and automatic shimming plus custom methods; perfect for novice or experienced users alike.

It enables students and technicians with limited NMR experience to use the power of NMR spectroscopy to identify chemical compounds or elucidate their structure.

The instrument’s fluid capillary system is contained within a replaceable cartridge and only requires 40 microliters of a liquid sample. Its temperature-controlled permanent magnet does not require cryogens, eliminating the need for consumables or custom laboratory facilities.

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This affordable, benchtop instrument offers:

  • Practical performance – small molecule sensitivity designed for everyday use
  • Personal convenience – portable NMR without waiting for core facility schedules
  • Low cost operation – no cryogens, no deuterated solvents, mains energy supply
  • Unique technology – capillary cartridge system ideal for monitoring chemistry


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Classroom
  • Process Analysis and QA/QC

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