High Resolution Horizontal Dilatometer – DIL 831

High sensitivity optical encoder and motorized furnace in the best performing single sample push rod dilatometer available.

Packed with new automated features, the DIL 831 features the patented 1 nm resolution optical encoder, a family of new dynamic furnaces, and the new linear sample load motor. The result is the best performing horizontal single sample push-rod dilatometer available on the market.

An instrument offering scientists the ideal tool for R&D laboratories to measure the linear thermal expansion and to calculate the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of ceramics, glasses, high performance materials, polymers, metals and alloys with great accuracy.


Features include:

  • Linear motor for a sample load range of 0.01 to 1.00 N, with a force resolution of 0.01 N and linearity better than 0.01 N across the total measuring range of 5000 µm, to guarantee the correct sample load regardless of the material tested.
  • Patented optical incremental encoder to bring length measurement resolution down to a best in class 1 nm, and to allow the measurement of shorter samples yet preserving an outstanding ∆L resolution. Its newly designed measuring head housing and the active electrical thermal stabilization ensure unprecedented stability of the detection core. This, combined with the unique design of TA Instruments furnaces, results in a zero temperature-gradient across the specimen and an industry leading CTE accuracy for single sample push rod dilatometers of 0.03 x 10-6 K-1 .
  • Automatic recording of the initial sample length.
  • Water cooled furnaces providing a very dynamic temperature programming with a maximum heating rate of 50 K/min and industry unmatched cool down time of 13 minutes from 1000°C to room temperature. This is up to 15 times shorter than competitive instruments.

יצרן: TA Instruments

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