The CELLAVISTA® 4 is an ultrahigh-throughput imaging system that non-invasively measures brightfield and fluorescence assays in multi-well plates, chamber slides or RoboFlasks for an extremely broad range of cellular applications in cell line development, cellular research and drug discovery.

Automated, ultrafast multiplex and non-invasive brightfield and fluorescence imaging with multiparameter image analysis, commonly used in high throughput environments.



  • automation ready set up for integration into automated environments and easy linking to robotic arms, plate stackers, incubators, liquid handlers and clone pickers (e.g. PAA, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Beckman Coulter and ThermoFisher Scientific).
  • up to 5 different magnifications.
  • white light and 6 fluorescence excitation/emission channels.

יצרן: Synentec

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