D-DiGit – Gel Scanner

Complete nucleic acid gel analysis documentation without hassles and hazards.

Get the most out of your gel imager. Scan gels, small and large; excise bands; document your work; and visually analyze data; all on a single, compact platform.

The D-DiGit Gel Scanner provides a large scan area to visualize most medium and larger format gels. Nucleic acid band extraction and imaging can be performed directly on the scan surface.
The D-DiGit detects a variety of safe stains that have an excitation maximum of approximately 490 nm and emission greater than 520 nm.

UV-free imaging- Upgrade to safer, high-sensitivity LED detection that does not interfere with cloning and downstream processing of excised fragments. DNA fragments exposed to UV light during gel imaging and band excision could be nicked or damaged, resulting in lower cloning efficiencies. Additionally, a non-UV light source eliminates the risk of accidental UV exposure during gel visualization and band excision.

The D-DiGit Gel Scanner enables safe and convenient detection and extraction of DNA and RNA samples stained with fluorescent safe stains. Visualize sample migration and conduct gel excision without contamination or the need to transfer gels between viewing and cutting services, and safely excise bands of interest to extract nucleic acids for downstream application.

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