Orbitor™ RS2 Microplate Mover

Increase throughput, storage capacity, and operational efficiency with the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitor™ RS2 Microplate Mover, an updated, compact, and collaborative bench-top mover with integrated barcode scanning for greater flexibility.

The Orbitor RS2 microplate mover increases efficiency as the centerpiece of various high-throughput automation operations.

Its innovative bi-directional telescoping arm provides exceptional reach and precision, while its expansive 360° workspace makes it a great laboratory productivity partner. This microplate robot is ideal for high-throughput applications and is available in a variety of configurations to match your needs.


Ideal microplate robot for high-throughput applications
• Integrated barcode reader enables sample tracking, barcode transmission, and inventory management.
• Plate detection in the gripper helps to eliminate labware handling errors and reduce the risk of lost samples.
• Inherently safe and meets the international safety feature standards for collaborative robots.
• Variable force settings based on plate type and sample weight make it compatible with many plate types and a broad range of applications.

Available in a variety of configurations
Choose the configuration of hotels and stacks to match your requirements
• A hotel is a storage device from which microplates can be accessed in any order (i.e., random access).
• A Stack is a storage device from which microplates must be accessed in the order in which they are stacked (i.e., sequential access).

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