Vertical Dilatometer- DIL 820 Series

The 820 Series operate in a vertical orientation, making it uniquely set up for the analysis of sintering, studies in Rate Controlled Sintering (RCS) mode and the determination of dilatometric parameters of samples otherwise difficult to be analyzed on classic dilatometers with horizontal design.


Available in two different models (DIL 821 and DIL 822), both the units feature the new optical encoder with 1nm resolution. That when combined with the True Differential of the DIL822, the result is simply the best possible sensitivity and CTE accuracy on the market.

Unlike in horizontal dilatometry the vertical design does not require the sample to be supported. The specimen stands free on the bottom plate and the pushrod is loaded on its tip.
The vertical configuration is particularly well suited for sintering studies as well as for all those samples difficult to be tested with horizontal pushrod dilatometers. As, for instance, powder samples and samples developing vitreous phases during the test.

Equipped with a linear motor capable to generate a constant force throughout the experiment, DIL 820 Series allows for the lightest possible force regardless of the extent of specimen’s dimensional changes.

יצרן: TA Instruments

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