Quenching Dilatometers – DIL 805L

A family of quenching dilatometers used to study the heat treatment of steel and metal alloys to identify the heating rate, the quenching rate and the isothermal dwell times necessary to yield the crystalline structure to meet the required physical properties.

fully automated, self-contained unit used to measure dimensional changes under extreme conditions of controlled heating and cooling.


In the quenching mode the sample, solid or hollow, is inductively heated to a temperature plateau and is then cooled at an user-defined (linear or exponential) cooling rate. The inductive heating with constant sinus frequency is power controlled by amplitude adjustment for superior temperature homogeneity in the sample.

The phase transformation occurring in the continous cooling process or in the isothermal dwell, with or without compression/tensile stress, is indicated by the measured change in length. An array of cooling or isothermal curves represents a continous-cooling-transformation (CCT) diagram or an isothermal time-temperature-transformation (TTT) diagram, respectively.

DIL 805L represents today the benchmark for determining these dimensional changes and phase transitions. Operating from -160°C up to 1500°C (in two different furnace configurations) with peak heating rates of up to 4000°C/s and peak cooling rates of 4000°C/s, can closely simulate the material response for any production or heat treatment process. DIL 805L allow using a choice of inert and reducing gases as cooling gas. Particularly helium is an effective cooling gas that provides a homogeneous temperature distribution in the metallic sample.

יצרן: TA Instruments

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