ISQ™ 7000 Single Quadrupole GC-MS System

Experience unstoppable routine analyses easily, consistently and reliably over time, in compliance with the most demanding legislation requirements.


Unstoppable uptime

  • Boost instrument productivity to unprecedented levels with the patented NeverVent™ technology. Using the vacuum probe interlock (VPI) in conjunction with the ExtractaBrite ion source and the new V-Lock source plug, routine maintenance operations such as source cleaning and column changing can be performed on the system without the need to vent the mass spectrometer.
  • Experience extended robustness towards complex matrices with the uniquely designed Advanced Electron Ion (AEI) source. The new AEI source makes it much easier to tackle the most challenging applications, as well as relieve matrix pressure on the analytical system, through the reduction of concentration steps in sample preparation.

Unstoppable ease of use

  • Minimize user interaction with the instrument and easily maintain expected and consistent response over time for longer with the new and intuitive SmartTune tuning tool
  • Speed up and facilitate method development with AutoSIM and Time-SIM (t-SIM) tools

Unstoppable sensitivity

  • cquire industry leading sensitivity and robustness with the new Advanced EI (AEI) ion source, which features a highly efficient ionization of analytes and a more tightly focused ion beam.
    Unstoppable scalability
  • Field upgradable configurations to future-proof the laboratory investment

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