HPLC & UHPLC Columns

Need a reliable column? With over 40 years as a leader in LC column technology, you can rely on the quality of Thermo Scientific™ HPLC and UHPLC columns.

Our extensive family of products offers a variety of particle sizes and column designs to meet all separation needs, including improved resolution, enhanced sensitivity, faster analysis and consistent performance.

  • Bio LC Columns
  • Normal Phase HPLC Columns
  • Amide HILIC HPLC Columns
  • Ion Exchange HPLC Columns
  • Size Exclusion HPLC Columns
  • Reversed Phase (RP) HPLC Columns
  • HILIC HPLC Columns
  • Mixed-Mode HPLC Columns
  • Ligand Exchange HPLC Columns
  • Application Specific HPLC Columns

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