High Resolution Horizontal Dilatometer – DIL 832

High Resolution True Differential™ Horizontal Push Rod Dilatometer

DIL 832 features an impressive array of unique technologies and capabilities that make of it the ideal tool in any R&D laboratory for the characterization of mechanical and dimensional properties: TA Instruments exclusive True Differential™ technology, the patented 1 nm resolution optical encoder, a family of new dynamic furnaces, and the new linear sample load motor.

The result is the best performing horizontal push-rod dilatometer available on the market, regardless of the application or the material to be tested.


The sample load is ensured by a linear motor with a range of 0.01 to 1.00 N, a force resolution of 0.01 N and a linearity better than 0.01 N across the total measuring range of 5000 µm.

The new patented optical incremental encoder brings length measurement’s true resolution down to a best in class 1 nm. This allows for the measurement of shorter samples yet preserving an outstanding ∆L resolution.

The newly designed measuring head housing and the active electrical thermal stabilization ensure unprecedented stability of the detection core. Combined with TA Instruments exclusive True Differential™ technology and the unique design of TA Instruments furnaces, results in the DIL 832 delivering an industry leading CTE accuracy of 0.01 x 10-6 K-1.

The DIL 832 automatically records the initial sample length and is capable of up to a maximum sample length of 25 mm and a maximum diameter of 6 mm .

The water cooled furnaces provide a very dynamic temperature programming capability with a maximum heating rate of 50 K/min, but most of all a cool down time as short as 13 minutes from 1000°C to room temperature, up to 15 times shorter than competitive instruments.

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