Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer – DMA 850

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
The world’s most powerful platform for mechanical measurements.

TA Instruments invites you to experience the ultimate in Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers, the Discovery DMA 850. Building on superior technologies of the world’s best-selling DMA, improvements in every aspect of DMA performance deliver the most accurate and reproducible measurement of mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. It’s never been easier to get great DMA data!

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Features and Benefits:

  • Non-contact, low mass motor delivers continuous forces from 0.1 mN to 18 N to measure everything from soft to stiff materials
  • Frictionless, low-compliance air bearing design ensures superior force sensitivity and accuracy
  • Unique optical encoder technology provides 0.1 nm resolution over a 25 mm continuous range of travel for ultimate testing versatility
  • New DirectStrain™ and Intelligent Autoranging controls allow you to measure the widest range of sample stiffness and frequencies for the best data, the first time, every time
  • Choice of two dedicated environmental systems for precise, responsive control under the most relevant test conditions
  • Exclusive Air Chiller Systems provide effective controlled cooling to -100°C without the cost or hassle of liquid nitrogen
  • Purpose-built, high-stiffness, low mass clamps are easy-to-use and ensure data repeatability
  • New innovative “app-style” touch screen puts instrument functionality simply One-Touch-Away™, enhancing usability and making it easier than ever to get great data
  • Powerful TRIOS software provides simple set-up and execution through separate test interfaces designed for novice or expert users.
  • Commitment to quality backed by the industry’s ONLY five-year furnace warranty for peace of mind

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