Heating Microscope – HM 867

The Optical Dilatometry Platform HM 867 is a stand-alone Heating Microscope that is a standard instrument for process optimization in the ceramics industry. A single camera on the optical bench frames the entire sample and records the sequence of the characteristic shape changes and the temperature throughout the experiment. This is ideal for identifying all key material change events including sintering, softening, full sphere, half-sphere, and melting.

Dimension changes up to 100% can be measured. With a maximum temperature scanning rate of 80°C/min, it has a built-in purge gas system that enables the user to test specimens in air, oxidative, reductive and protective atmospheres. The heating microscope is available as a standalone instrument, HM 867, or as an option on the Optical Dilatometry Platform, ODP 868.

יצרן: TA Instruments

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