Optical Dilatometry Platform – ODP 868

Result of over twenty years of R&D of optical instruments for the study of the thermo-mechanical behavior of materials, ODP 868 makes possible the analysis of samples beyond the limits of classical heating microscopy. Its versatility makes of ODP 868 the most innovative tool for production and R&D laboratories for the optimization of all the industrial processes that involve thermal cycles.

The Heating Microscope mode uses a 5Mpix high resolution camera to study the physical behavior of the materials during the industrial firing cycles.

With the Morphometrics applicative it is possible, in real-time during the analysis, to automatically calculate and visualize different characteristic temperatures and parameters selectable by the user.

Capable to analyze samples in a wide range of shapes and sizes (for example a 3mm sample and simultaneously a 10mm sample), ODP 868 can simultaneously analyze up to 8 samples of ISO standard size.

יצרן: TA Instruments

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