Air/Vent Filters

Finetech’s air/vent filters are manufactured out of clear polycarbonate and in a Class 10,000 clean-room. With a hydrophobic PTFE membrane and a tight 0.2um pore size, our air/vent filters pass HEPA-filter tests with a filtration efficiency of >99.99%.

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From pipette controller to autoclave machines, we produce a variety of filters for various types of instruments. With a hydrophobic membrane, air or gases are allowed to pass through while also help preventing water vapors from damaging instruments.

With a small pore size of 0.2um, our filters are also effective in preventing bacterial from passing through, preventing lab personnel from being exposed to harmful airborne contaminates.

  • Autoclave Filters (Type 1)
  • CO2 Incubator Filters (Type 2)
  • 50mm Vacuum Pump Filters (Type 3)
  • 50mm Air/Vent Filters (Type 4)
  • 50mm Glassfiber Air/Vent Filters (Type 5)
  • Pipette Controller Filters
  • Gas Analyzer Filters
  • Jet-Ink Filters
  • FID Filters

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