Crystal Swile – Chemspeed

CRYSTAL SWILE is a revolutionary, fully automated and compact benchtop solution, which allows to optimize the sample preparation and to grant the maximum flexibility in handling multiple solids, with accurate dosing minimal quantities of substances directly in microplates.

Chemspeed is taking their solid dosing technology to new levels of flexibility and compactness:

Increase efficiency

The “pick & dispense” function allows to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks

Enhance traceability

Easy-to-use software for consistent and trackable

Optimize costs

Optimized use of raw material and no risk of cross-contamination thanks disposable glass tips (SWIN dispenser)

Improve flexibility

Extremely reduced footprint and exchangeable containers to a vast range of destination (vials & multiplates) with a matrix-to-matrix / mother-to-daughter approach


The CRYSTAL SWILE can be equipped with additional unit operations to increase capabilities:

  • Automated opening / closing for e.g. autonomous lab solutions
  • Ionizer to reduce static charge
  • Camera for pick amount assessment and subsequent auto-adjustment

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