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AT 2000 Tapped Density Tester

AT 2000 Tapped Density Tester

The Atlas AT-2000 tapped density tester measures the tapped density of powders,
granules and other similar products. The tester can be used to run the USP 1 and 2
methods (USP 3 can be performed with an optional holder) plus it conforms to the
ASTM (B527) guidelines and MPIF-46.
The AT-2000 has two positions. The first position has a drop height of 14mm and the
second position has a drop of 3mm so that the relevant tests can be met. The unit is
supplied with two cylinders and holders, 250ml and 100ml respectively. Other
cylinder sizes may be supplied as options and a stainless steel vessel is available for
USP Method 3.
The frequency or number of taps is controlled via the front panel. During the test
the cylinders are automatically rotated ensuring that the material is evenly
packed which results in more reproducible results.
The unit can calculate the Tapped density, Hausner Ratio and Bulk density
using the results obtained.


The AT-2000 Dual Position Jolting Volumeter Tapped Density Tester
Key Features
• Advanced Microcontrolled unit with user friendly software
• Two different drop levels
• Cylinders rotate whilst tapping for more reproducible results.
• Unit is supplied with both 250 and 100ml volumetric flasks
• Alpha-Numeric splash proof keyboard allows sample name,
sample Number/ ID number for data authentication.
• Report printout complies to GLP requirements.
• Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) for date, time display & authenticity of printout.
• Meets specification of USP, ASTM etc.
• Calculates results i.e. Tapped Density, Compressibility Index, Hausner Ratio & Bulk Density.
• Balance Interface for sample weight transfer.
• RS232 output for data export


Test Method: USP Method I (300 Taps per minute) , USP Method II (250 Taps per minute)
Tap count : 10-9999
Drive method : Direct drive with stepper motor
Drop height : USP I 14mm +/- 2mm, USP2 3 mm +/- 0.2mm
Platform rotation : 5-15 RPM
Display : 20x2 Line back lit LCD
Keyboard : Splash waterproof soft keys
Output : Printer Parallel port, RS232C Connection to PC
Power requirement : 230VAC 50Hz 45W
Operating conditions : 15-45C, Humidity 20-80%
Dimension : 340x310x200mm (WxDxH)
Weight : 13kg
Cylinders : 100ml, 250ml


About Tapped Density Testing

The tapped density of a powder is the increased density of a bulk powder after it has
been made to settle. The powder is placed in a measuring cylinder and raised/dropped a
specified distance under its own weight until the volume of the powder stops decreasing.
Ideally the cylinder should also be rotated during the test.
There are several different tapped density methods described in the USP <616> and
ASTM <BB57> – they are
USP Method 1
This apparatus consists of a 250 mL graduated cylinder that is tapped 250 ± 15 taps
from a height of 3 ± 0.2 mm, or nominally 300 ± 15 taps from a height of 14 ± 2 mm.
USP Method 2
Uses the same apparatus as method 1 but requires a fixed drop of 3 ± 0.2 mm at a
nominal rate of 250 taps per minute
USP Method 3
55 taps per minute using stainless steel container.
ASTM uses variable tap rates and cylinder sizes. The AT2000 can tap
at 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 taps per minute with a 3mm drop
height, and a wide variety of cylinder sizes are available as options.
The test itself is simple. Typically a predetermined amount of the
sample, normally 100 g +/- 0.1% is placed in a graduated cylinder
the unsettled volume noted. The graduated cylinder is secured to
the test platform of the tester and the sample it tapped at the
specified rate/drop for a set number of taps or time.
The resulting tapped volume is measured and then the sample
is tapped again until there is no significant difference in the
volume (typically 2%). The final reading is taken and this is
used to calculate the tapped density in grams per mL
The bulk density (calculated using the Scott Volumeter)
and the tapped density are used to calculate the Hausner Ratio :

Tapped Density
  Bulk Density

and the Compressibility Index :
100 x (Tapped Density – Bulk Density)
                        Tapped Density
Both these values are often used to express the flowability of the powder.

For more infornation: http://www.labhut.com/tapped-density-tester-2-cylinders.html 




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