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Flash Elemental Analysis

Nitrogen and Carbon Analyzer: Flash 2000 NC
The FLASH 2000 Series Nitrogen and Carbon analyzer (formerly FlashEA 1112) is an easy and comprehensive instrument able to become an irreplaceable partner for every geological and environmental agronomy labs. The configuration makes it...
CHNS/O Analyzer: FLASH 2000
More than three decades of experience formed the basis for the design of the Thermo Scientific FLASH 2000 Series, resulting in an instrument with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.  The simplicity of the analyzer layout and the...
FLASH 2000 N/Protein Analyzers
Determine Nitrogen concentration and the relative protein content in every type of food and beverage. The FLASH 2000 N/Protein analyzer is an essential tool for both Quality Control and Research/Development laboratories in the food...
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