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High Resolution ICP-MS

The unequivocal separation of analyte ions from spectral interferences is a prerequisite of accurate and precise elemental analysis. High mass resolution is the universal means for this separation. The capability of high mass resolution is...
High Resolution ICP-MS: ELEMENT XR
The linear dynamic detection range is of immense importance in ICP-MS because of the wide range of elements and concentrations to be analyzed in a single analysis.   A unique detection system in ICP-MS, combining a dual mode SEM with...
Glow Discharge ICP-MS: ELEMENT GD
The Thermo Scientific ELEMENT GD, a combination of a glow discharge ion source with a high resolution mass spectrometer, is the ultimate tool for the direct analysis of conductive material. Almost all elements present in a solid sample,...
The Thermo Scientific NEPTUNE is a high performance Multicollector-ICPMS with high mass resolution capabilities for high precision isotope ratio measurements. It combines highest sensitivity and highest stability for all elements with the...
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