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Preparative HPLC

  Chromeleon Goes MS Have you ever wondered why you need to use two different software packages for instruments that sit on the same bench in the same lab and the only difference is that one has a mass spectrometer (MS) for...
The UltiMate® 3000 Binary Semipreparative system is tailored for robust, safe, and high-performance purifications. Based on proven high-pressure gradient principles, the system takes full advantage of UltiMate 3000 features such...
Pumps series PCP constitute the backbone of Labio production programme. PCP pumps use modular pumping heads and are manufactured as double- or quadruple-head pumps, using unified heads with three different piston diameters. At maximum...
Labio made MAG 5 columns are made of stainless steel and ensure that only top-quality stainless steel AISI 316 is in contact with the mobile phase. Columns whose wetted parts are made exclusively from stainless steel AISI 316L can be also...
Clarity is advanced Chromatography Data Station (CDS) with optional software modules for data acquisition, data processing, and instrument control. Its wide range of data acquisition interfaces (A/D converters, LAN, USB, RS232) allows...
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