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Electrophoresis & Blotting

PerfectBlue™ Horizontal Gel Systems
Here at PEQLAB , we are very proud of our PerfectBlue™ horizontal gel systems. We’ve worked hard to make them, what we believe to be the very best electrophoresis systems that money can buy. Backed with a confident...
PerfectBlue™ Vertical Double Gel Systems
PerfectBlue™  Twin-Gel Systems are available in 4 different formats to accommodate rapid or high-resolution separation for a wide range of sample numbers. The wide-format-system for separating large sample numbers is...
PEQLAB Power Supplies
PEQLAB offers a comprehensive range of power supplies designed to match the requirements of a wide range of electrophoresis and transfer techniques.   PEQLAB POWER SUPPLIES: With its versatility, high reliability and keen pricing,...
PerfectBlue™ Tank Electroblotter Web™ S and M
The Web TM  S and M Tank Electroblotters are designed to rapidly transfer nucleic acid or protein fragments from up to four poly-acrylamide gels at one time to nitrocellulose, nylon or PVDF membranes. The colour coded cassettes...
PerfectBlue™ Semi-Dry Blotter Sedec™ S and M
PerfectBlue™ Semi-Dry Electroblotters are designed for clean, rapid and effective transfer of proteins and nucleic acids from polyacrylamide or agarose gels to membranes. Suitable for use with Western, Southern and Northern...
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