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PCR - Thermocyclers

peqSTAR 2X Thermocycler
Lots of work, lots of users, too little space? Introducing the peqSTAR 2X thermal cycler, two independent high speed 48 well blocks in one clever system − the answer to that not-enough-hours-in-the-day feeling. New thermocycler...
peqSTAR 96 Universal Gradient
The premier 96 well thermocycler, the peqSTAR 96 Universal Gradient offers all the features of the peqSTAR plus the smoothest, widest available gradient for fast, effective optimisation of PCR conditions.   The creation of a...
peqSTAR 96 Universal
With its sleek design, the peqSTAR Universal 96, including the universal block system for both 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml tubes, plates and strips, sets the new standard for thermocycling with  unmatched system performance, quality and...
Primus 25 advanced®
The dependable personal cycler for quality PCR results, the Primus 25 advanced is distinguished by efficient run times, excellent PCR performance and easy-to-use operation all in a conveniently compact...
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