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Thermogravimetric Analysis

TGA: Discovery TGA
Setting the standard for performance, the Discovery TGA features our industry-leading thermo balance, innovative IR-heated furnace and an autosampler unmatched ¡n flexibility and reliability. Our patented* Hi-Res TGATM is included on...
TGA: Q500
The Q500 is the world’s #1 selling, research-grade thermogravimetric analyzer. Its field-proven performance arises from a responsive low-mass furnace, ultra-sensitive thermobalance, and efficient horizontal purge gas system (with...
TGA: Q50
he rugged, reliable, and cost-effective Q50 TGA, with many features of the Q500, offers exceptional value as a compact, general purpose thermogravimetric analyzer that typically outperforms competitive research-grade models. Its integral...
High Pressure TGA: TGA-HP
The TA Instruments TGA-HP Series instruments are specialty gravimetric analyzers designed to provide unique capabilities for High-Pressure, Ultra-High Vacuum, and High-Temperature under static or dynamic reactive atmospheres.   The...
Simultaneous TGA/DSC: SDT Q600
Sensitive, rugged and reliable are words that describe the TA Instruments SDT Q600, a second generation simultaneous TGA/DSC that provides research quality results on a broad range of samples over a wide temperature range. Its strong...
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