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Pyroprobe: 5000, 5150 & 5200
Pyroprobe 5000, 5150 & 5200   The CDS Pyroprobe® Model 5000 is the most advanced thermal sample preparation instrument available. Platinum filaments are rapidly heated for pulse pyrolysis work, or slowly heated with...
High Pressure System: Pyroprobe 5200
High Pressure Pyrolysis Instrument with Built-in Trap   CDS has introduced the first and only high-pressure pyrolysis system.  Scientists studying new material, such as various biomass feed stock, need to understand how...
Pyrolyzer Autosampler: AS 5250
AS5250 Pyrolysis AutosamplerIncrease the throughput of your pyrolysis laboratory by using the AS5250 Pyroprobe® Autosampler. The AS5250 provides hands-free analysis of up to 36 samples and enhances operational capacity allowing...
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