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טרייד אין - ספקטרומטריית מסות

New Offer: Trade in ANY model of triple quadrupole or ion trap LC-MS mass spectrometer from any manufacturer and start making bold progress today!


Upgrade the analytical power of your lab by trading in any existing triple stage quadrupole mass spectrometers or ion trap mass spectrometers from any manufacturer for a discount on one of our industry-leading Thermo Scientific triple stage quadrupole LC/MS systems or Thermo Scientific ion trap LC/MS systems.


  • Equip yourself with the latest mass spectrometry technology available
  • Increase productivity, sensitivity, and robustness
  • Build confidence in your results
  • Ensure long-term success in your lab with continued support


Why Trade Up?


Technological advancements have enabled greater sensitivity and enhanced robustness, leading to improved results and greater productivity. Equip your lab with the latest mass spectrometry technology and start making bold progress today.


Hurry - this limited promotional offer ends soon!


Offer expires December 31, 2010

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