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Graphene Sheet Thickness

The novel properties of graphene show promise in a wide variety of applications from advanced electronics, to new highly efficient solar cells to flat displays panel technologies. The novel properties of graphene are mostly observed for single atom thick sheets arranged in a 2D plane. This webinar will demonstrate how the Raman technique provides the straight forward characterization of single-atom thick sheet. The reflective, non-destructive, non-contact and highly sensitive nature of Raman microscopy make it ideal in the measurement of graphene and other nanomaterials. Learn its practical uses in this informative 30-minute online presentation.


Image: Ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy image of a point defect in graphene that has been epitaxially grown on 6H-SiC(0001) (Nathan Guisinger, EMMD Group). Source: wikimedia.org

The Advantages of FT-IR for
Environmental Gas Applications

Join us for a free Webinar that discusses the benefits of FT-IR for environmental gas applications. The Thermo Scientific Antaris IGS analyzer is used worldwide to monitor contamination levels, air quality and gas identification in a variety of environments. It is a robust system suitable for deployment in nearly all industrial production facilities. In this Webinar, we will demonstrate how the Antaris IGS analyzer is used in some environmental applications now at the forefront in many industrial settings. The topics for the Webinar include:

  • Overview of FT-IR and gas analysis
  • Benefits of the Antaris IGS analyzer
  • Real world examples of environmentally-focused applications
    • Purity analysis of recovered carbon dioxide
    • Automobile exhaust analysis
    • Landfill gas analysis

If you are interested in learning more about gas analysis in general or specific environmentally important gases in industry, register for this Webinar today.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.


FREE FT-IR Webinar - What's Really in my Sample

TGA-IR is an extraordinarily valuable technique for revealing mixture and blends composition, rubber formulations and material properties in general. The combination of weight loss and evolved gas analysis via Infrared spectroscopy provides deep insights into many materials and is an ideal tool for reverse engineering, root cause analysis and product performance studies. The additional power of multicomponent analysis takes the analysis to the next level.

Similarly, coupling gas chromatography with Infrared spectroscopy (GC-IR) is an excellent way to separate and identify components of liquid mixtures, including stereoisomer specific information. GC-IR is particularly useful to study fuel blends, oil well residues, flavoring additives, forensics samples including ephedrine versus pseudoephedrine and natural products such as nutraceuticals.

We will review the instrumentation that provides these valuable materials identification tools and will demonstrate our Thermo Scientific OMNIC and OMNIC Specta software that enables you to process and analyze the data from these useful techniques.


Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) for Art Conservation Analysis Live Webinar 


Surface-enhanced Raman scattering, or SERS, is an analytical technique that exhibits considerable benefits in the analysis of art objects, particularly dyes and pigments. Using colloids and substrates, SERS enables the discrimination of many analytes that other spectroscopies cannot obtain. In addition, compared to other analysis techniques, sample preparation for SERS is minimal and analysis times are much shorter and more productive. This live one-hour complimentary webinar will show why SERS is an ideal technique for analyzing dyes, pigments, and fibers, as it:


·         Analyzes inks on paper

·         Eliminates the need for extraction or isolation of pigments or inks

·         Practically eliminates spectral processing

·         Analyzes pigments and inks that are normally challenging with Raman

·         Enables rapid spectral database building of pigments, inks, and dyes



Increased Selectivity, Analytical Precision, and Throughput in Targeted Proteomics


Proteomics is gradually complementing large shotgun qualitative studies with hypothesis-driven quantitative experiments. Targeted analyses performed on triple quadrupole instruments in selected reaction monitoring (SRM) mode are characterized by a high degree of selectivity and low limit of detection; however the concurrent analysis of multiple analytes occurs at the expense of sensitivity due to reduced dwell time and/or selectivity due to limitation to a few transitions. Professor Domon, along with collaborators at Thermo Fisher Scientific, have developed a new data acquisition paradigm, called intelligent SRM (iSRM), in which data acquisition is optimized and SRM is performed to simultaneously quantify and confirm the identity of the targeted peptides.

In this presentation, Professor Domon will describe the concept of iSRM and the workflow associated with it, In addition, he will demonstrate the increased throughput as a result of iSRM implementation, facilitating the development of SRM assays, and its ability to perform large-scale screens targeting a respectable number of proteins.





Sports Drug Testing: Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry-Based Approaches


The battle continues...

Sports drug testing is a continuous battle between analysts in doping control laboratories and athletes who try to improve their results with new drugs and new ways of manipulating existing drug tests.

Chromatography and mass spectrometry-based approaches form the backbone of the analytical methods that are used by the specialists, who need to continuously expand their range of methods and known performance-enhancing compounds.

In this webinar, a selection of compounds, new challenges, and methods currently employed in doping control laboratories will be presented including, for example: new anabolic agents referred to as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs); insulins; so-called "releasing peptides" that stimulate the endogenous production of natural hormones; and ways of manipulating drug tests.



Preparing for the proposed United States Pharmacopeia Chapters on trace elemental impurities in pharmaceuticals with ICP techniques



The United States Pharmacopeia is proposing two new General Chapters on levels of trace elements in pharmaceutical products with the aim of:

  • Updating the methodology used to test for elemental impurities in drugs and dietary supplements to include procedures that rely on modern analytical technology; and
  • Setting limits for acceptable levels of metal impurities (including, but not limited to, lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium) in drugs and dietary supplements.

הסמינר הזה הכרחי לכל מי שצריך להתעדכן בטכניקות אנליזת יסודות (Elemental Analysis) ובמיוחד בשיטות ICP ו-ICP-MS כדי לעמות בדרישות לבדיקות מוצרי פארמה.


Proteomics Delivers on its Promise: Using Innovative Mass Spectrometry to Pave the Way for Multi-protein Biomarker Verification 


The primary goal of this presentation is to highlight a workflow for the integration of unbiased biomarker discovery with hypothesis-driven, targeted assay development in a seamless manner.






Monitoring PCPP: What's in your water?


PCPP has recently become a popular topic of interest both within the water safety industry and in the general public. To date, little is known about the true fate of PCPP in the environment and how they affect both human and aquatic species. Regulatory agencies are beginning to look into monitoring these compounds.


הסמינר יעסוק בנושאים הבאים:

- איך ולמה PCPP חשוב לחוקרים ורשויות מפקחות

- פיקוח בינלאומי וסף הרגישות

- השוואה של טכניקות אנליטיות: הכנת דוגמה on-line לעומת off-line, כימות לעומת סריקה

- העתיד של בדיקות המים


הסמינר מתאים ל...:

  • משרד הבריאות
  • המשרד להגנת הסביבה
  • קק"ל, החברה להגנת הטבע, רשות הטבע והגנים
  • מעבדות מים פרטיות וממשלתיות, רשויות מים מקומיות
  • מנהלי מעבדות וחוקרים
  • מוסדות לחקר המים
  • מלכ"רים וארגונים למען איכות הסביבה











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